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On time and prompt Delivery of concrete

Hands on team with international experience
in the ready-mixed concrete industry

Large fleet of Transit Mixers
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Scientifically designed concrete mixes to
ensure better durability of the structures

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RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd is the largest independent ready mixed concrete company in India. The company was established in 1993 with participation from RDC Concrete, Singapore.

The company manufactures and supplies Ready Mix Concrete (RMC). Its portfolio of customers includes construction companies, real estate developers, contractors, infrastructure companies, Road & Commercial Projects and individuals owners. Apart from normal concrete mixes of various grades, RDC Concrete also produces special concrete solutions using its world class infrastructure and technology and ensures product and service quality.

It now has 72 plants across India clocking annual turnover of over 1000 crores.

  • RDC SelfCrete is a concrete having self flowing, self leveling and self consolidating properties... Read more...
  • RDC FibreCrete is a unique product with inherently enhanced resistance against tensile stresses which leads to shrinkage... ... Read more...
  • RDC LiteCrete is new generation light weight concrete produced by introducing foam in the concrete . Foam is generated separately by use... Read more...
  • RDC ImpreCrete is a decorative concrete solution available in various colors, textures and patterns. It is available in two forms... Read more...
  • RDC TempCrete is a solution to keep temperature of the concrete and structure within desirable limits to minimize the ill effects... Read more...
  • RDC BagCrete is a unique solution, whose reach can extended to locations, where a conventional transit mixer cannot reach or where... Read more...
  • RDC GreenCrete is designed while keeping sustainability and environment protection at heart. RDC Greencrete has very low carbon footprint... Read more...
  • RDC NatureCrete is low fines concrete solution designed for recharging the ground water table level. Water does not flow over this... Read more...
  • RDC WaterproofCrete is specially designed to improve the pore structure, which minimizes the chances of leakage in concrete... ... Read more...
  • RDC SuperCrete is a high grade high performance concrete capable of achieving 100Mpa compressive strength... ... ... Read more...
  • RDC FasttrackCrete is a special solution for cement concrete road which attains strength at a very high rate and helps in opening the road to traffic... Read more...
  • RDC Crackfreecrete is special solution designed to reduce shrinkage cracks in the structures. Concrete is prone to high rate... Read more...
  • RDC ToughCrete addresses the key requirement of high durability and service life of concrete structures. Binder materials are carefully selected... Read more...
  • RDC ExpressCrete is a solution especially designed to achieve high early strength than conventional concrete in order to achieve faster... Read more...
  • RDC SteelfibreCrete is steel fiber reinforced concrete with increased flexural and tensile strength allowing it to bear flexural loads... Read more...
  • RDC Corrodresistcrete is specially formulated to increase resistance of concrete against corrosion initiation and propagation... Read more...
  • RDC PassiveCrete is a robust and durable solution for the structures which have proximity to harsh acidic environment... Read more...
  • RDC ProCrete is a unique product which is specifically designed to retain desired workability up to 6 hours after addition of water... Read more...

CIN: U74999MH1993PTC172842

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  • Operations : At RDC Concrete, ready mix concrete is produced in fully automated and integrated computerized Batching Plants. Read more...
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control : We consider technical capability as our core competency. Read more...
  • People : RDC Concrete builds Talent Pipeline through a Structured Human Resource System starting with Campus Recruitment. Read more...
  • Service : Hands on team with international experience in the ready-mixed concrete & pre cast concrete industry. Read more...
  • Digitization : Digitisation in RDC is going at fast Pace. All Our Batching Plants are fully Integrated with our ERP and logistics System (RDCTRAK). Read more...
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